Programming: Getting Started

Getting Started

So you want to learn how to program and be a hacker. You’re going to want to start with very simple and easy to learn programming language. You’re choice between: Python or Ruby. They’re similar in syntax and in usage. Pick one, learn it, then learn the other. Or do both at the same time. Read both these books and don’t worry, they’re made for beginners.

Staying Focused

Staying focused and motivated can be a real challenge when it comes to learning something new. Sometimes we do something and we’re just hooked on it. There are programmers out there who are just so fascinated by programming they can do it for hours. However not all of us are like that, and we just say “Damn it, this is boring, I’m going to play video games”. But if you really want to do this, you have to work at it. Everything worth doing is going to be difficult. Here are some ways to stay focused when reading your programming books:

  • Blog about what you have learned.
    You will understand a topic more if you try to explain it to someone else.
  • Find your working spot.
    You will need an area where you can sit and work without being distracted.
  • Schedule your time.
    Tell yourself “I will read my programming book for at least 30 minutes at 4:00 pm.” But if you’re having fun don’t stop there!
  • Reward yourself.
    “Just 2 more exercises and I can play Starcraft!”

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