Wireless Introduction

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This is a multi-part tutorial that will show you the tools of wireless attacks and penetration testing.

Required Hardware:

Most of this isn’t really required, but will be helpful on your hacking adventures.

  • A laptop or two. One laptop will act as the penetration tester and the other will be the victim. Of course if you do not have two laptops you can use a desktop with virtual machines, which is what we will be doing for these lessons.
  • One Alfa wireless adapter. This is sort-of required because the Alfa adapter will support packet injection and sniffing out as well as work with Backtrack right out of the box.
    Alfa AWUS036H USB Wireless Long-Rang WiFi network Adapter with 5dBi Antenna
  • A wireless router that we can use.
    D-Link DIR-601 Wireless-N 150 Router
  • And finally, a connection to the internet.

Recommended Reading: BackTrack 5 Wireless Penetration Testing Beginner’s Guide

This book covers a lot of the topics you’ll find on this site. However, it goes into much more depth. It goes in easy to follow, simple, step by step lessons. Highly recommended for anyone starting out in wireless security/hacking.


Tutorial 1: Setting up your wireless card.BT_iwconfig

Plug in the wireless adapter into your laptop’s USB port.
Log in, open up the console and type: iwconfig.The iwconfig command lists all wireless interfaces on your machine. In my case, I have my Alfa One adapter connected as wlan0. Typing iwconfig wlan0 will display more information about your wlan0 interface. The mac address that is displayed should match up with the MAC address written on the back of your wireless adapter.

Now to put your wireless adapter into a monitor mode interface. To do this, simply type: airmon-ng start wlan0. The monitor interface will be named mon0.

Tutorial 2: Getting networking on BackTrack

By default, backtrack does not boot with working networking, this is to increase its stealth when penetration testing. The easiest way to get networking is using the WICD Network Manager. Click Applications -> Internet -> WICD Network Manager. Then select your wireless access point and connect.

WICD network managerIf you receive and error message that says “Could not connect to wicd’s D-Bus interface. Check the wicd log for error message.” then simply enter the following commands into your terminal:

root@bt:~# dpkg-reconfigure wicd
root@bt:~# update-rc.d wicd defaults


Then restart your machine and the error should not occur anymore.

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32 thoughts on “Wireless Introduction

    • You’re welcome! There is a lot more that I plan to write once I get the time for it. I am using the Twenty Eleven 1.3 Theme with slight modifications to the code.

  1. it says no wireless networks are found.but i’m using a wireless network connection,i tried to search for hidden networks and entered the ESSID when prompted,but it still says no wireless networks are found,please help

  2. On my VM Virtualbox, BT 5 R3 shows
    lo no wireless extension.
    eth0 no wireless extension.
    I have tried the reconfigure WICD method but of no use. Please help. Thank You.

  3. Hey, guys ! here is small problem. I have my backtrack 5 on my virtual machine, and I am trying to connect to wifi and I typed iwconfig but nothing appear, its not display information about interface … not same like an example here …

  4. Do is require a alfa adapter for all laptops and how would i do this on my desktop and i have to buy the router i use a verizon wireless router at my house to connect to the internet so dont i just have to buy a wireless card in order to do the wpa pentreation

  5. after typing iwconfig ..it says no wireless extension
    but when i type ifconfig then it shows all the address hardware,internet address broadcast address and ipvl.. what can i do to get access…

  6. after typing iwconfig ..it says no wireless extension
    but when i type ifconfig then it shows all the address hardware,internet address broadcast address and ipv6.. what can i do to get access…

  7. i have no separate network adaptor like Alfa AWUS036H USB Wireless Long-Rang WiFi network Adapter

    i have only normal adapter with my own laptop,it engouh oe not ??

    plzz help me ,,,,,,,,,,help me………….

  8. hi,
    I need ur help guys. I recently install BT5 R3 on virtual box, and i’m trying to access wifi network but whenever i use airmon-ng and other network related commands it shows no networks or interfaces……
    please help me how can i get…..

  9. Dear admin..
    i have install backtrack 5r3 gnome 32 bit..Then i try to crack some WEP wifi..everything is good..i found the password…when i want to connect the wifi, it show “connection failed:unable to connect ip address” ..how i can fix this problem??please help me…:(

  10. I installed BT 5R3 on vmware workstation, I can get on the internet in BT but airmon shows nothing, and the wifi usb TP-Link TL-wn725n v2 shows as eth0 on ifconfig, I need help getting BT to revognize it as wlan0? I have enabled wireless.

  11. hi
    i have same probs as they did..
    running VM from laptop and configured :
    VM :
    File – Preferences – Network – NAT
    from here i did tried to add the NAT and remove the NAT..
    and i had highlighted the Backtrack and :

    Setting – Network – adapters

    here i have added the wireless interface from adapter 1 – 4
    but with different settings on Adapter Type and Promiscuous.
    and Cable Connection.

    when logged on backtrack :
    – iwconfig
    eth0 – no wireless extension
    eth1 – no wireless extension
    eth4 – no wireless extension
    eth4 – no wireless extension

    when i type in LSUSB :
    they showing me the card intercace is there

    when i type in LSPCI
    i can see it too from there..

    local area network is working fine on virtual or cable.

    please help me to resolve this

  12. When I type iwconfig

    Lo. No wireless extension
    ethos no wireless extension

    What can I do plzz anyone help, I Wat to submit my project after 10days, I need help to crack a wireless connection tips Plz help me guys

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