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  1. Hello, thank you for taking the time to read my problem.
    Today I’m going to make real discussion about Backtrack 5 system,
    My experience: I have tried all the ways that I found, to hack the wireless password but I think the Backtrack system is very weak and not useful, why? Because it is depending on the words that inside the word list file, and if the password of the destination network isn’t in the password list file so you’ll never hack anything, this means that you are joking on yourself by wasting a time.
    I want to ask all experts how the backtrack can guess this password: (cimajiyanamine18888). I will never believe that Backtrack can do this because it is based on words that’s you put in the wordlist file. if isn’t exist you will never hack it as I said before.
    I would like to thank anyone in advance for any assistance or method they can offer.

    Kind regards,

      • Yeah, basically you don’t put words into it, although I’m sure you could extend it to an


        etc. to lengthen the possibilities, also ensure if you’re using a wordlist that uses special characters, etc. as this increases the likelihood of you being able to crack the hash. (Or whatever it is you are cracking, if it’s an egg, you might as well give up now.) lollery.

    • if you have a Wep encrypted security, than you can hack it with ease, the result will be in hex most of the time. WPA is harder, but you can use reaver , a very nice tool, and it will be cracked in 2 to 12 hours :)

  2. sory,,,,i have problem how to install backtrack 5 r3.7z (2 GB).in vmware or in my computer.
    because, as I know to install backtrack 5 r3.iso thanks
    please answer

    • The .7z extension is an extension use by the popular unzip – zip tool 7zip, as this is freeware, I recommend you download it (google it I cba xD) also, it’s available as a portable app for use on a usb device, etc.


      Someone. :3

  3. The wordlist is kinda a rainbow table – y idea, it’s not something you tend to add to yourself… is this what you’re thinking?


    Someone. :3

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