25 thoughts on “Backtrack Basics

    • start by watching tutorials . also the only way out is to practice alongside the tutorials. learn a little bit of linux too, and thats all u need……

  1. I’m a beginner to this bt and I just install it on my laptop on virtualbox so any idea how to use it. Thanks in advanced

    • Your Wifi can’t detect because u are using in vmware… if u want to have wifi activated, u can do a side by side installation in order to keep both operating systems

      • Yo Bud!
        Actually VMware or Virtualbox does not detect your WiFi.
        Your internet works according to your host OS.
        Solution is to buy a new WiFi adapter.

  2. hi,
    i boot backtrack-5 from usb using unetbootin, after that i try installing on my hard drive, but i don’t know how to allocate memory, so i quit. when i boot window and see, my D and E drive are full, i want to have some memory or if possible to have the same as before, i don’t how to do pliz help thanks

  3. sir
    how can i use network in backtrack version can u please send me sugetion for connecting reliance netconnect+ in backtrack

  4. I’ve downloaded ‘BT5R3-GNOME-32-VM’ & played using VMWare Player.
    it shows only terminal, not the gui..
    plz help

    • When backtrack first boots, it will start at the terminal asking for a user name and password. The default log in is “root” for username, and “toor” for the password.

      After you log in, type “startx” to boot the GUI

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