Welcome to This is a site dedicated to learning the backtrack 5 Linux OS along with many of the tools it comes with. Please note that everything on this site is purely educational and I am not responsible for your actions. Also, please note that many of the articles here are still in drafting.

  • Backtrack Basics
    New to Backtrack? What to learn how to get started and learn the basics of hacking? Then this is where you want to start! These articles include how to install backtrack, updating tools, and the protocol to take when taking over a system.
  • Backtrack Intermediate:
    For those who want more than the basics. Includes web-based exploitation and the use of backdoors.
  • Backtrack Wireless:
    That magical piece of technology that gives you access over the air-waves and its vulnerabilities.
  • Metasploit Tutorials:
    Metasploit is an amazing framework for exploits and updates almost everyday. These guides cover some of the things Metasploit can do, and how to use it.
  • Scripting
    Tutorials on learning to code your own exploits and other useful things for penetration testing.

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  1. Im only starting off and I want to learn how2 use Backtrack 5. Can any one point me in the right direction to learn how to use it.

  2. plz am new to backtrack and wish to become hacker using backtrack and any others like ubuntu,unix.plz help me and where can i start.

  3. Hey,
    i’ve installed BT5 r3 on a USB, and then continued with this options:
    **The default mode “backtrack text default mode”
    ****And then i opened “install BT? icon” on the desktop to start installing wizard till i stopped at “prepare disk space” window wizard with 2 options:
    This computer has Win7 (loader) on it.
    where do you want to put backtrack live?
    1- erase and use entire disk 320GB
    2- specify partition manually
    so any ideas please?

    (because i saw many tutorial videos on how installing BT5 live on a USB device they are selecting option No. 1 Erase option, so i stopped at that point for searching for more information about that options)

  4. i have install backtrack 5 32bit problems,
    i was able to create a virtual machine on vmware workstation10
    but when i ran the virtual machine the virtual machine had this error:

    Binary translation is incompatible with long mode on this platform. Long mode will be disabled in this virtual environment. Applications requiring long mode will not function properly as a result. See for more details.

    by the way is it in compatibility issue ,my os is windows 8 64bit

  5. i am also new in the backtrack univrse pls i want u to help me . i want to be the best and i need the best teacher … all of you ;are ùy teachers ;pls

  6. Hi:
    I have problem in backtrack installation, after installation finish i click on restart bottom and OS dose not restart and this error are a pear ”Errors from xkbcomp are not fatal to the x server” please help me.

  7. i hav 1 scenario in lan for phishing..
    1)i am in lan and working on vmware backtrack 5 r3
    2)i hav created 1 phish page on the ip of my briged mode vmware
    3) i want to map my vm ip through my modem publick ip from wan
    4)if i send this modem ip 2 my friend and he browse it then my phish page should open…

    can any 1 brief me…..

  8. sory,,,,i have problem how to install
    backtrack5r1_gnome.7z (2 GB).in virtualbox
    or in my computer.
    When I’m trying to add it to d empty storage, it does not recognise it as vms, hd etc
    Please help it urgent

  9. am typed the airmog-ng
    but i can’t see the ” interface ,chipset,driver on result,

    wat i do?
    i wanna install any network driver for this ?

    help me plzzz

  10. I Use Lenovo G 580 Laptop , i used Unetbootin to make live usb and tried booting from it , it starts and at a point it stops and my screen goes white and i could not see anything.
    Please help me to solve this…..!

  11. Thanks for your work!!
    i have also the same problem in windows 8.when i reboot from by Pendrive it says”failed to reboot from the selected drive”.

  12. Hey dude,
    I just read what is you problem while running Backtrack 5 R3. Now follow these steps::–
    1.) Go to and download Backtrack 5 R3 32-Bit/64-Bit depending on the type of system you have. Download the ISO file
    2.)Download and Install VM VirtualBox
    3.)Run this software on you Windows Based Computer
    4.)In this software, Locate your Backtrack ISO file and run it
    5.)Eureka, You just ran Backtrack 5 R3 on your Windows Based Computer :) :D

  13. hi world im so happy to use backtrack i just installed with my pen drive then i started to use for those who want to know more about it im so proud to be a backtrack user

  14. i have started hacking WIFI passcodes using BT5,,,,,,,however
    i wanna know what else can i hack using it
    not FB pass or Gmail Pass……..anything else.plzzz support

  15. root@bt:~# apt-get install vlc
    E: Malformed line 4 in source list /etc/apt/sources.list (dist parse)
    E: The list of sources could not be read.

    plz help me

  16. when i try to hack facebook using social engeneering toolkit and do all the process and try my ip in my grandfathers house ,i cant open to test shows webpage not available , but when i try in my own pc i cant get the password….help me out

  17. when i paste the url in the browser after doing all that shit, thn the facebook page comes in hindi version….. y it comes in hindi ??? any solution guyz plz

  18. i’m totally interested in hacking ,from few weeks i”m trying to hack my friends wifi
    password i searched Google a lot for how to crack a WiFi password,i totally interested in your video ,and then i downloaded backtrack 5 ,i’m using a HP laptop i installed BackTrack 5 on VMware 10 after installing i followed your instructions threw a video downloaded from torrentz ,after installing vmware tools ,i run the console to enter the commands when i enter a command airmon-ng i didn’t get any INTERFACE . for the problem i searched YouTube videos then i installed compact wireless then i get INTERFACE [wlan0 & wlan1] then again followed your commands

    when i entered the command airodump-ng it dose not showing any wifi networks to crack[wpa/wpa2/wep/open] nothing.what should i do now.please let me know sir

    i sending the snapshots of my problem and my system information.

  19. Moniter mode won’t start in virtual machine because backtrack needs full control of your network adapter and that privilege is not given to backtrack in Virtual machines. So If you want to hack wifi then make a Live backtrack USB and run it on your machine… And then try hacking wifi. 100% you will be able to ! :)

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